Entrepreneurial Journey

May's Featured Story

Beyond the Cut: Jessi Smith's Journey with The Fringe Hair Studio

May 2024 | Entrepreneurial Journey

The Fringe Hair Studio, founded by Jessi Smith, is more than just a place to get a trim – it’s a testament to entrepreneurship, creativity, and inclusivity. Jessi’s journey into business ownership was a blend of opportunity and determination. Prompted by a mentor’s encouragement, she took a leap of faith and opened The Fringe, initially focusing on providing top-notch hair services such as clipper and scissors cuts, coloring, and facial waxing. However, her entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. Drawing from her passion for custom vinyl creations, she integrated Smithfaced Designs into the salon’s offerings, adding a personalized touch to everything from T-shirts to etched glass.

From Fields to Factories: How AgriStaff and LaborOne are Building a Labor Force for the Future

April 2024 | Entrepreneurial Journey 

Frankie and Becky Rodriguez have carved a remarkable entrepreneurial journey with their staffing agencies, AgriStaff and LaborOne Staffing Solutions. 

Manitour Pedalers LLC: Sipping, Pedaling, and Riding to Success

March 2024 | Entrepreneurial Journey

In May 2023, Stevens Alexis and Sarah Musial embarked on a journey that transformed their passion for fun and community into a thriving business venture known as Manitour Pedalers LLC.

From Solo Vision to Thriving Venture: The Executive Concierge Redefines Business Support in Manitowoc

February 2024 | Entrepreneurial Journey

Stacey McDonell’s journey with The Executive Concierge has not only been a story of success but also one of transformative innovations in the executive support services landscape of the region. 

PDJ Cutting and Fabricating: A Journey of Growth and Innovation in Manitowoc

December 2023 | Entrepreneurial Journey 

PDJ Cutting and Fabricating, named after its founders and their son – Patrick, Deanne, and Jarrett – has been a vital part of the local community for the past 14 years, offering a diverse range of fabricated solutions that set them apart in the manufacturing industry.

Nick Holschbach’s Journey from One Plow to a Thriving Snow Removal Business

October 2023 | Entrepreneurial Journey

Nick Holschbach’s journey from a one-truck snowplow operation to a thriving residential and commercial snow removal business is an inspiring testament to dedication, perseverance, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Journey of Michelle DeWitt: Building a Legacy of Personalized Protection at Forever Your Insurance, LLC

September 2023 | Entrepreneurial Journey

Michelle DeWitt embarked on her journey more than 26 years ago by joining Wolff Insurance, a local Manitowoc insurance agency, marking her entry into the world of insurance. Little did she know this initial leap would set the stage for her future as an entrepreneur.

Paper Crane Bookstore: From Pop-Up to Bustling Bookstore

August 2023 | Entrepreneurial Journey

Once upon a time Rebecca and Kyle Crane embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that would reshape their lives and the local community. As passionate book lovers, they dreamed of creating a unique space that catered to the needs of the community. With determination, and a lot of hard work, they established Paper Crane Bookstore, a haven for literature enthusiasts!

Year of Triumph: Impact Wellness Spa’s Journey in Manitowoc

July 2023 | Entrepreneurial Journey

Almost one year ago, Becky Goessl, the owner of Impact Wellness Spa, embarked on a journey to create a unique wellness spa experience in Manitowoc. She wanted to offer innovative services and technologies that weren’t available elsewhere, without competing directly with existing businesses. 

Manitowoc Entrepreneur Wants To Create Easier Access To Mental Health Services And Counseling

June 2023 | Entrepreneurial Journey 

Rebecca Richards, a passionate advocate for accessible mental health services, embarked on a remarkable journey when she opened Summit Clinical Services in Manitowoc in April 2022. She was driven by a deep desire to address the barriers that prevented individuals from accessing the mental health support they deserved.