From Solo Vision to Thriving Venture: The Executive Concierge Redefines Business Support in Manitowoc

Written by Emma Huehns

Stacey McDonell’s journey with The Executive Concierge has not only been a story of success but also one of transformative innovations in the executive support services landscape of the region. With a background rooted in community engagement and administration, and fueled by her passion for event planning and social media management, Stacey embarked on her entrepreneurial venture in October 2022.

What began as a specialized service tailored exclusively for businesses quickly evolved into a game-changing boutique approach, setting The Executive Concierge apart from traditional agencies. As demand surged, Stacey faced a pivotal moment in spring 2023, opting to expand her team by hiring five employees at once, each bringing unique expertise to enhance the firm’s capacity and commitment to client satisfaction.

Unlike conventional temp agencies, The Executive Concierge offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from human resources tasks, accounting, and graphic design to corporate event production and travel planning. This holistic approach, coupled with a remote work model, proved invaluable, particularly in the challenging landscape shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the adaptability and resilience of the business.

Pictured: Owner Stacey McDonell

What sets The Executive Concierge apart is not just the range of services offered but also the ethos driving its operations. Stacey’s background in community engagement along with her experience at the Chamber of Manitowoc County and her role in the Manitowoc Mayor’s office provided her with a deep understanding of local businesses’ needs. This knowledge, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, enabled her to carve a niche in the market and position her firm as the go-to solution for businesses seeking specialized administrative support.

In her journey, Progress Lakeshore emerged as an ally, offering crucial support through their Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP). Under the guidance of mentors like Ann Flad-Jesion, Progress Lakeshore’s Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Stacey gained insights and resources propelling her business to new heights. The collaborative ecosystem fostered by Progress Lakeshore not only equipped Stacey with the tools for success but also connected her with a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Despite encountering challenges, including the need to persuade clients of the benefits of remote services, Stacey’s innovative approach enabled her to overcome hurdles. Through resilience and perseverance, she solidified The Executive Concierge’s reputation as a leader in virtual assistance, leveraging technology to deliver exceptional results.

As Stacey reflects on her journey, she offers this advice to aspiring business owners: “Embrace the unknown and take the leap.” Her steadfast determination has not only transformed her vision into reality but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for others navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. In the dynamic landscape of business, The Executive Concierge stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to pursue their dreams with unwavering courage and conviction.