Manitowoc Entrepreneur Wants To Create Easier Access To Mental Health Services And Counseling

Written by Emma Huehns

Rebecca Richards, a passionate advocate for accessible mental health services, embarked on a remarkable journey when she opened Summit Clinical Services in Manitowoc in April 2022. She was driven by a deep desire to address the barriers that prevented individuals from accessing the mental health support they deserved.

It was during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that Becky found inspiration to develop her business plan. She witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by people in her community to obtain the necessary assistance for their mental well-being.

Growing the Vision into Reality:

Becky’s journey as an entrepreneur was not without its challenges. She recognized that to transform her vision into reality, she needed a solid business plan and financial projections. Participating in the Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP), organized by Progress Lakeshore and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), proved to be a game-changer.

During the 8-session ETP, Becky worked closely with mentors Tara Carr and Ray York. With their guidance, she gained the business mindset she lacked, transforming her vision into a comprehensive plan for her clinic. Each week of the program brought invaluable insights from experienced community professionals, further fueling her passion and determination.

A Beacon of Support:

Becky’s entrepreneurial success was a result of her resilience and the support she received. Encouraging other aspiring entrepreneurs, she emphasized that passion and self-doubt are both part of the journey. By seeking support and asking for help, she found that a world of opportunities opened up.

Becky gives this advice to other entrepreneurs: “If you’re considering doing something that you’re passionate about it’s a good idea, pursue it! Your self-doubt is navigable, and it won’t last forever. Look for support, ask for help and it’s readily available. There are people out in the universe that want you to succeed, and you need to connect with those people that’s great.”

Expanding Horizons and Giving Back:

Since the opening of Summit Clinical Services, Becky has experienced remarkable growth. She has been able to hire another counselor, which has significantly increased the number of patients receiving care. Her dedication to the community goes beyond offering clinical services; she has engaged in various community-based initiatives to raise awareness about mental health and promote well-being.

With a bright future ahead, Becky envisions expanding her staff further to provide even more availability and services to the community. Her tireless efforts have already made a significant impact, breaking down barriers and bringing hope to those seeking mental health support.


Rebecca Richards’ success story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs. By identifying a crucial need within her community and combining passion with determination, she founded Summit Clinical Services, filling a critical gap in mental health care in Manitowoc. Her participation in the Entrepreneurial Training Program provided the necessary tools and support to transform her vision into reality.

Through her journey, Becky has demonstrated the power of resilience, community support, and the profound impact one individual can make. As she continues to grow Summit Clinical Services, her legacy of accessibility, compassion, and dedication to mental health services will continue to touch and transform lives throughout Manitowoc and beyond.