Manitour Pedalers LLC: Sipping, Pedaling, and Riding to Success

Written by Emma Huehns

In May 2023, Stevens Alexis and Sarah Musial embarked on a journey that transformed their passion for fun and community into a thriving business venture known as Manitour Pedalers LLC. Providing a unique experience, Manitour Pedalers offers individuals and groups the opportunity to sip, pedal, and ride through the streets of downtown Manitowoc aboard their custom-built trolley.

What sets Manitour Pedalers apart is their heartfelt dedication that went into building their business from the ground up. Stevens Alexis, inspired by a trolley sighting in Madison, took on the challenge of constructing their very own trolley right in their garage. With determination and commitment, Stevens put his heart and soul into the project, crafting a vehicle that would soon become filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences. Drawing from their personal experiences and a deep-rooted love for their hometown, Stevens and Sarah envisioned a lively experience that would unite people in celebration and adventure.

Progress Lakeshore was able to play a part in their journey by offering personalized guidance through one-on-one sessions with Ann Flad-Jesion, the Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Development. Ann provided connections to valuable resources and assisted in forging relationships within the community. Additionally, Sarah and Stevens attended Progress Lakeshore’s Entrepreneurial Boot Camp in March of 2023, further enhancing their knowledge base and network.

The greatest reward for Stevens and Sarah is witnessing the joy and excitement on their customer’s faces as they pedal through Manitowoc. Building relationships with the local bars and meeting new people have been highlights of their journey.

Looking ahead, Manitour Pedalers is gearing up for their second season with enthusiasm and excitement. With bookings now open, they invite everyone to join them for an experience that promises endless fun and memories. Whether you’re pedaling along with friends or opting for a relaxed seat, Manitour Pedalers ensures an adventure like no other.

Stevens and Sarah offer this advice from their own experiences to fellow entrepreneurs; Embrace the journey, make sacrifices, take risks, and, above all, have fun along the way. Manitour Pedalers is not just a business, it’s a celebration of community, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit that transforms dreams into reality. As they pedal forward into the future, Stevens Alexis and Sarah Musial remain dedicated to spreading joy one ride at a time.