Progress Lakeshore Workforce Surveys

Progress Lakeshore’s efforts to retain existing businesses in Manitowoc County include conducting annual surveys of local employers’ benefits. These surveys serve a dual purpose: they provide valuable insights into workforce trends, helping us pinpoint areas for improvement while informing participants with crucial data to facilitate strategic decisions in their recruitment efforts.

About Our Surveys

Turnover & Benefits

Our turnover and benefits survey, conducted in the spring, covers a wide range of topics, including health insurance coverage, retirement plans, paid time-off policies, flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, employee assistance programs, professional development opportunities, and more.

Wage and Employment

Our wage survey, conducted in the summer, examines wages for specific positions and shifts across various industries and business sizes. It also includes analysis of salary increase percentages and the decision-making processes behind wage determinations.

Why Your Company Should Participate

Participating in this survey allows companies to compare their wages with local peers and gain valuable insights for potential adjustments to their wage structure. The survey covers a wide range of positions across all industries. Only participants will receive the survey results.

Who Should Complete the Survey

Each company should complete the survey only once. The survey should be filled out by the person most familiar with the company’s human resource practices.

Snapshot From 2023 Surveys: 

In 2023, we conducted two separate surveys: the first covering turnover rates and reasons, insurance coverages, and paid time off; the second as a comprehensive wage survey covering all industries. The surveys gathered information from a total of 97 participants, results were shared with the companies who participated in each survey. Below is a brief overview of the various topics and categories covered in our surveys.

Taken from Progress Lakeshore’s 2023 Wage Survey

Taken from Progress Lakeshore’s 2023 Turnover and Benefits Survey

Taken from Progress Lakeshore’s 2023 Wage Survey