At Progress Lakeshore, we help businesses big & small thrive so we can keep our economy growing. We focus on three primary areas –

Our first goal is to retain. We want companies that are here to stay here. They are the cornerstone of our communities & their presence is key to our sustainability. To learn more about available properties in Manitowoc County, click here!

Secondly, we focus on growth. Whether you’re a start-up or an existing company looking to expand your footprint, we have an incredible amount of resources and connections to get businesses to the next level! Click here for business help.

Not only do we help retain & grow, but we also want to attract new businesses & new talent to our area. To learn more about Manitowoc County, click here!

Through our experience at Progress Lakeshore, we can guide you in the right direction! Explore our website to find resources to help you move forward & email us at to set up a meeting.