The City of Manitowoc, with a population just under 35,000 is a vibrant and historic community located where the Manitowoc River meets Lake Michigan on Wisconsin’s eastern shore. Historically, the City’s strategic location led to the creation of a thriving port in which shipbuilding and manufacturing flourished. The region’s rich land and water-based natural resources complimented these industries, growing the City’s population and economy. 

While the nature of industry and trade has changed since the City’s founding in 1836, the City’s strong manufacturing base and natural resources, combined with its hardworking residents and innovative businesses, have enabled it to maintain a high quality of life. The City has further benefited from its picturesque shoreline, quality schools and safe neighborhoods, as well as strong regional connections. Manitowoc is located along major ground and water transportation corridors connecting it to regional markets, populations, and economic cores of the Midwest and beyond.


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River Point District
I-43 Technology & Enterprise Campus
Bayshore Mixed Use Development
Former Lakeshore Mall
1710 Washington St
Former McKinley School